Gas Lantern

So she called the Winkies to help her, and they walked all that day and part of the next until they came to the tall tree in the branches of which the Winged Monkeys had tossed the Scarecrow’s clothes.

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The creature was considerably less than half as tall as the green Martian warriors, and from my balcony I could see that it walked erect upon two legs and surmised that it was some new and strange Martian monstrosity with which I had not as yet become acquainted.

2 reviews for Gas Lantern

  1. Mark Olly

    Mark Olly

    When she brought it into the Throne Room she spoke the magic words, and soon the band of Winged Monkeys flew in through the open window and stood beside her.

  2. Addriene

    My body is on old time and is refusing to shut down for the night. I believe I must force myself as I need to get up and fight the snow on the drive into work tomorrow. Luckily it is March and the snow will melt prpgmtly.Nioht, all. Not sleepy in KC.

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